Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emphasises that the entire supply chain of a company should protect natural environment and contribute to social well-being in a tangible way.

Ethics and sustainability are two factors affecting brand value around the globe, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of this process. According to Forbes CSR and supply chains are closely linked. Supply chain leaders must understand the public concerns about the environment, health and safety. As consumers are more aware to the impact of companies around the globe, demand for better integration of CSR and supply chains has come to the forefront.

Areas of social responsibility in supply chains

Taking into consideration all the factors, main areas of social responsibility in supply chains are 

  • Organizational practices
  • Ethical practices
  • Environmental practices
  • Practices of human rights and working conditions
  • Practices of occupational health and safety
  • Practices to establish relationship with society

Reverse supply chain management also plays an important role to managing waste and reduce the amount of hazardous material. In this respect, this process is very effective in CSR concept and is being adapted by a lot of companies.

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