E Commerce Logistics as the term defines is the process of storing and shipping Inventory
for an online store or marketplace, including inventory management and the picking,
packing, and shipping of online orders. In simple words it is the logistics of internet sales.
In the present pandemic situation people are more focused on online shopping rather than
visiting directly to the shops in order to adhere to the social distancing practice for their
safety. The process involves Inventory Management, Warehousing and Storage and finally
order fulfillment which involves picking, packing, shipping and delivering to the ultimate
customer. Delivery at the right place at the right time is an inevitable part of E Commerce

The Top E Commerce Logistics Companies are

  1. Delhivery – With the inception in 2011, Delhivery has become a leading player in the
    Ecommerce Industry. Serving in around 2500 cities in India, is specialised in express
    delivery, on-demand delivery, etc.,
  2. GATI- Founded in 1989 is the pioneer in the Express Distribution and Supply Chain
    Solutions. Gati EConnect is India’s first econnect Logistics solution provider. The
    peculiarities are AM-PM delivery, high speed surface cargo movement, etc.,
  3. Ecom Express-Started operation in 2013, Ecom is serving in around 2400 cities and
    20 states in India. They are into Express Services, Digital Services and Fulfilment
  4. Fedex-Began operation in India in 1984, Fedex has become unique because of its
    reliability and timely package delivery services. Fedex has expanded its operation
    over the years by acquiring similar companies.

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