June 19, 2021


Inbound logistics refers to the transportation, the storage and also the receiving of products into a business. It relates to goods procurement for office use or for the assembly unit. In a manufacturing company, the assembly unit purchases raw materials or components from its suppliers for the assembly of other goods. In simple words, inbound logistics is bringing in goods which are purchased for office use or production of other goods.Continue Reading
The urge for continuous advancements within the logistic industry has opened new doors for disruption. One among the main breakthrough technologies that are making an enormous change in logistics is digital twin. A Supply Chain Digital Twin may be a detailed simulation model of an actual supply chain which uses real-time data and snapshots to forecast supply chain dynamics. From this, analysts can understand a supply chain’s behaviour, predictContinue Reading

April 18, 2021


Dangerous goods, abbreviated DG, are substances that when transported are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Identifying dangerous goods is that the initiative to scale back the risks posed by the merchandise with proper packaging, communication, handling, and storage. Dangerous Goods are classified into 9 classes. They are as follows: 1. Explosives-Explosives are materials or items which have the power to rapidly conflagrate or detonate as aContinue Reading
As we all know the Ecommerce has been growing at high rate in India. Many people are truly depending on Ecommerce site especially during the Covid season where people were locked in. The top Ecommerce sites in 2020 are as follows  Amazon – Having reached 89 percent of audience, is the largest Ecommerce site in India. Since its launch inContinue Reading
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) emphasises that the entire supply chain of a company should protect natural environment and contribute to social well-being in a tangible way. Ethics and sustainability are two factors affecting brand value around the globe, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is part of this process. According to Forbes CSR and supply chains are closely linked. Supply chain leaders must understandContinue Reading

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