The Governing Council, established by the Reliant Institute of Logistics , oversees the academic, business and student affairs of the Institute. Reliant Institute of logistics (RIL) academic advisory board comprises of professionals from the logistics industry and the academics. The advisory board is designed to render advice to the management on any matter pertaining to academic course curriculum and training programs. The main objective behind this is to bridge the gap between the needs of the industry and the aspirations of academic team. It helps to keep the course curriculum updated with global standards and current industrial practices.


The Governing council shall be the principal executive body of Reliant Logistics Institute and shall, in addition to powers vested in it, have the following powers namely:

  • To establish, on the advice of the Academic Council, Divisions and Departments for the academic work and functions of Reliant Logistics Institute and to allocate areas of study, Teaching and Research to them.
  • To entertain and adjudicate upon and, if thought fit, to redress any grievances of the employees and students of Reliant Logistics Institute.
  • To provide for appointment of Visiting Fellows and Visiting Professors.
  • To appoint committees for purpose and with powers as the Board of Management may think fit and to co-opt such persons on these committees as needed.
  • To prescribe and receive fees and other charges.
  • To lay down the duties and conditions of service of the Professors and other academic staff in consultation with the Academic committee.
  • To appoint such Professors, Associate Professors, (Readers,) Asst. Professors (Lecturers) and other academic staff as may be necessary.




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