Career in Logistics – Introduction

Logistics was once considered as a low- skilled industry, but at present this industry is the most sought- after sector for employment because of reasons like role of digitization, deployment of global best- training, and soaring economic purpose. Logistics is a wonderful career opportunity for experienced professionals and newbies alike. Logistics is a goldmine awaiting to be explored.

Therefore, studying logistics generates ample scope for professional growth. Professionals are very much in demand in logistics sector mainly specialized killed like data analytic, data management, project mapping, warehouse management system, process conversion. These skills require strong foundation in science and technology, along with people with education background to International Business, Commerce, Foreign Trade and Accounts, as there is a relevance for the sector.

10 Career options in Logistics

  1.  Freight Agent
  2. Supply Chain Manager
  3. Warehouse Logistics Manager
  4. Transportation Analyst
  5. Logistics Engineer
  6. Inventory Manager
  7. Procurement Manager
  8. Customer Service Representative
  9. Logistics Consultant
  10. International Logistics Manager

The sector is helping change the shape of the future of people, organizations, and the entire nations with socio- economic importance in supply chain. A great opportunity for traveling, flexibility in work locations depending on day to day requirements are other perks in this sector.

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