Artificial Intelligence in Logistics Industry
There are many reasons to say that this is the best time for the logistics industry to embrace Artificial Intelligence. This technology has never been so accessible and affordable. This has already started showing its presence in almost all the activities of the consumer, the enterprise and industrial sectors .

Digital Transformation and Logistics

Posted on January 25, 2019
Innovative technology concepts function as a major factor for digital transformation and change. The widest distribution and highest importance of these concepts were found in an investigation of Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) stems and Warehouse Management systems. An increase in the importance of predictive analytics, clients’ mobile access to data, and sensor

What is benchmarking ?

Posted on January 18, 2019
Benchmarking is the process of identifying the highest standards of excellence for products, services or processes and then making the improvements that are necessary to reach those standards commonly called ‘best practices’. Benchmarking in logistics organisations helps the company to constantly monitor and assess its performance and operating techniques against
E-commerce is one in every of the buzzwords within the recent years. E-commerce technology develops quickly with the event of web and other people will relish convenient life by exploitation e-commerce. But nowadays several of the new e-commerce firms have failing or are troubled for economic survival, and therefore the
What is meant by an ideal warehouse

What is meant by an ideal warehouse?

Posted on January 5, 2019
A warehouse will be a perfect warehouse if it possesses the following characteristics. I. Warehouse ought to be situated at a convenient place close to highways, railway stations, airports and seaports wherever merchandise may be loaded and unloaded simply. ii. Mechanical appliances ought to be there for loading and unloading

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