Key challenges in managing the Supply chain Management
In the context of wider global trends – affect corporations of all sizes and pose threats to existing supply chain organizations. In addition, moving with the trends and incorporating their benefits requires a restructuring of operations whilst being able to maintain a competitive position in the market. Improving supply chain
Logistics and Integrated supply chain management - Reliant Institute of Logistucs
Logistics Management and Integrated Supply Chain Management, the very product, concerning its properties and features, is of great importance. Depending on the possible range in design changes, the appropriate strategy can be selected. In case of adjustment strategy, there are few possibilities to implement changes in the product and this,

Fleet Management

Posted on July 23, 2019

With the increasing number of outsourcing logistics, logistics services provider (LSP) has become an important element in the market who offers a wide range of services to customers. As an LSP, transport can be seen as one of the most important services which require the LSP to have efficient fleet
The status of the Shipping Market - Reliant Logistics

The status of the Shipping Market

Posted on July 19, 2019

The ship’s revenue dropped to unprecedented levels in the global market in the year 2016, reaching $7,364 per day in August. Over the past thirty years, this drop in incomes in the industry has been unprecedented and it can be said with certainty that it has been the lowest level
The demand for Logistics and warehousing space outstrips Supply - Reliant Logistics
Structural reforms including the awarding of infrastructure status and the implementation of Goods and Services Act have bolstered the demand for logistics and warehousing space in the country. As a result, demand has outstripped the supply of Indian Logistics and Warehousing. January-March period of 2019 has witnessed 8.4 mnsqft of

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